A man from Swansea was able to safely escape from his boat Wednesday morning following a small engine explosion in Swansea’s Cole River near Town Beach.

According to The Herald News, Fire Chief Peter Burke said that those who witnessed the event saw the man make it to the shore on his own, without any serious injuries.

The man’s vessel, which was a 1950’s era wooden motor boat called “Tepee,” with a white hull and wood finish around its cabin, was towed by firefighters to the shore. It was then docked at the ramp where half of the boat was discovered to be burned.

Burke stated that the man was trying to start the motor when it exploded. The fire chief believes that the cause of the explosion may have been from gas, but he did not rule out anything electrical.

Firefighters quickly arrived at the scene shortly after the explosion.  Aid from Somerset, Fall River, and Warren came in to assist to put out the fire.

The boat’s owner has not yet been identified, but he has been described to be around his late 40’s.

With additional reporting by Sal Lopez

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