Madonna's "Madame X" tour will be in venues with a smaller and more intimate setting.

Madge will be on stage for 3 shows only at the Boch Center Wang Theatre from Nov. 30th through Dec. 2nd.  They are all 8:30 p.m. shows and the ticket price includes a copy of her new album, "Madame X", on sale June 14th.  We haven't heard anything new from Madonna in years, her last project; Rebel Heart, was back in 2015.

 If you follow Madonna on Instagram pretty regularly then you've know this new music has been coming.  She relocated her family to Portugal about 2 years ago and has been surrounding herself with all the things she says she'd been missing in her life.  Madonna says solitude, a fresh prospective on life with her children and continued self growth are just a few things she's been focusing on these past few years.
Here's Madonna's official announcement and reason behind her upcoming Theater Tour, as she calls it.