Dear Kari,

For the past year, I have been the new kid on the block. The “newbie." The freshman among seniors. I happily pass that torch to you now, as you officially begin at Fun107 today.

Have no fear about being the new kid. This group is filled with the nicest people I have ever worked with. But as a friend, I must warn you, there are certain rules to abide by if you want to survive here, and now that I can revoke the title of “newest on-air member” from my name, I would like to pass it on to you and share my knowledge on the most important things to understand when working for Fun 107.

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First things first: if you want to get on Michael and Gazelle’s good side, just feed them. Gazelle will eat anything you bring him, but you’ll receive brownie points if it’s either Portuguese food or gluten-free. Michael is a little harder to please, however. If a five-year-old would enjoy eating it, Michael will enjoy eating it. He’s pretty basic.

Next thing to note: gear up for some passionate listeners. The SouthCoast has been extremely supportive and engaged with Fun 107 over the years, and they are not afraid to tell you like it is, much like a big family.

A couple more things to keep in mind: it’s spelled chourico and no other way; if the New Bedford-Fairhaven Bridge is closed, add at least 10 minutes to your commute; and if someone says “your cuecas is showing,” that’s not a good thing.

With those in mind, you’re going to love it here. I’m so excited to have another woman on the team so we can show Michael and Gazelle how it’s really done on-air. Welcome to the SouthCoast!

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