Here comes the stressed-out bride.

I still have several months before crunch time, but I decided to try on my wedding dress the other day when I stopped by my parents’ house. Keep in mind, I bought this dress in August of 2019 for my original wedding date in November of 2020, so I haven’t laid my eyes on my gown in over a year. I missed her.

My mother and I carefully took it out of the protective bag, I shimmied my way into it, and when I went to zip the back of the dress, my worst fear came true.

The dress didn’t fit anymore.

I guess I had a little too much fun during the pandemic. To be clear, I’m content with my body, but the boutique where I bought my gown does not accept returns. If I could just get a bigger size, I would, but now I’m stuck with a tiny problem: the waistline of my gown.

My brain started rattling off the list of expenses that could potentially be coming my way. I may have to get an entirely new dress, and my bank account would not take that lightly.

I have plenty of time to start making healthier decisions and get down to a goal weight for my big day, but what if mother nature has spoken and this is the size I’m supposed to be now? You can always get a dress taken in, but you can’t add to a dress.

Or can you?

Calling all brides and bride experts! Who can help me figure out some options?

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