The registry is probably the most daunting aspect of wedding planning to me. I find it more overwhelming than the guest list and I'm willing to bet that the seating chart will be a breeze.

However, I have had some amazing help this past week while trying to put it together. My future sister-in-law created an extremely detailed list of recommendations that I simply must applaud her for. It is not often that someone can leave me speechless, but this excel sheet had me gobsmacked. Honestly, it truly is a masterpiece.

I was curious after reading her list of suggestions what some of my other friends and family members would come up with in case there is another couple out there who needs help. I posed this question on Facebook; "What is one product you would tell someone to add to their wedding registry right now?"

Some of the responses were pretty straight-forward with several exclamation points following the reply:

  1. Ninja blender
  2. Double-sided waffle iron
  3. Griddle
  4. Panini press
  5. Dutch oven
  6. Cake plate
  7. Cast-iron skillet
  8. Dyson vacuum
  9. Steam Mop
  10. 1000+ thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets
  11. His & Hers Comfy Terry Robes
  12. Espresso machine
  13. Patio furniture
  14. Grill
  15. Ice maker
  16. Ninja Coffee Bar
  17. Kitchen Aid mixer
  18. Shark Steam Mop
  19. Cuisinart air fryer-toaster oven combo
  20. High-quality pots and pans
  21. A really good set of knives - not the cheap ones
  22. Carpet cleaner
  23. Large flat-screen TV
  24. Canvas folding chairs
  25. Folding canopy
  26. Decent cooler
  27. Portable speaker
  28. Tailgate necessities
  29. Luggage
  30. Instant pot
  31. Serving bowls/dishes
  32. Food Platters
  33. Pie Plate
  34. Flour/Sugar Storage Containers
  35. Swiffer
  36. Electric wine bottle opener
  37. Roomba floor and Roomba jet
  38. Nice beach chairs
  39. Glass-based snap shut storage containers - NOT plastic bases

Some of the answers were not a tangible item, but a gift card to redeem for a larger purchase or an experience:

  1. Experience gift (like a membership somewhere)
  2. Cash fund (honeymoon, house, etc.)
  3. A gift card to a local restaurant
  4. A gift card to Home Depot or Lowe’s
  5. Amazon gift card

Some of the answers were downright hilarious and deserve recognition:

  1. Blank Checks
  2. A puppy and all required puppy supplies
  3. Earplugs
  4. An extra TV remote
  5. Invisibility cloak

What would you add to this list?

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