I woke up today feeling excited and appreciative, as today marks one year since I joined Fun 107. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to live out my dream of being in the media every single day with a group of motivated and positive people that make the work day a little more enjoyable.

It’s incredible how fast a year goes by. In the moment, time seemingly drags on, especially during a year like 2020, but as I reminisce on my first year at Fun 107, I’m speechless at how quickly it passed. Time flies when you’re having fun, and I have my coworkers to thank for that.

It’s scary to start a new job in a new town. I knew nothing about the SouthCoast when I walked into the studio that first morning, and I was so nervous that I wouldn’t fit in. Much like attending a new school halfway through the semester, I felt like the new kid that had a lot of catching up to do, but Michael and Gazelle made me feel at home from the very first day.

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Since my first day on Fun 107, I have learned a lot about the SouthCoast and our loyal listeners. I learned, rather quickly, that foodies thrive in this area thanks to the incredible selection of local restaurants, and I learned that my car was not cut out for cobblestone streets. But most importantly, I learned a lot about my co-hosts, Michael and Gazelle,

I have never met a person that is as caring as Gazelle. He is so quick to help out anyone he meets and is a loyal friend that anyone would be lucky to have. The only thing bigger than his heart is the love he has for good food, a trait that we bonded over time and time again. I can always count on him for a lunch date.

When I first met Michael, he didn’t strike me as a fashionista, but I soon discovered that his shoe collection was extensive. He comes to work in a different pair of shoes every day, and I’m convinced he has a pair for every day of the month.

In celebration of my first year, here are my top seven memories with Michael and Gazelle:

Maddie's Favorite Memories From Her First Year at Fun 107

Time flies when you're having fun. Maddie celebrates her first year at Fun 107 by picking her top seven favorite moments so far.

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