Sleeping with wires attached to your face and a monitor strapped to your waist isn’t ideal, but if it uncovers a solution to your tiredness and sleep apnea, it may be worth it for the night.

On Tuesday night, I participated in an at-home sleep study in hopes of getting to the bottom of my low energy levels, and here’s what I found out.

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If you snore at night, wake up feeling unrested, or have difficulty breathing while sleeping, these are all signs that it may be time for a sleep study. Truthfully, I always thought I was just a tired girl. I’ve been an Olympic napper for as long as I can remember, but when I started nodding off behind the wheel, I became concerned.

Then, my husband thought I stopped breathing one night, and that was the final straw.

My doctor took me through the “Epworth Sleepiness Scale” to see if I qualified for the study.

From 0 being “would never doze” to 3 being “high chance of dozing” I was asked about several situations, like being the passenger in a car for an hour and sitting quietly after lunch, and after scoring “Moderate” on the sleepy scale, my doctor had enough data to order the sleep test immediately.

Thankfully, the at-home study was not nearly as invasive as I expected. I have seen the photos of people in the lab, strapped to a machine with hundreds of wires connected to them and a doctor saying, “just act natural.”

My equipment consisted of a breathing tube that connected to a monitor strapped around my waist and a monitor attached to my finger, and as I dozed off to sleep, that little monitor got to work.

And now we wait.

I share my story to bring awareness to my fellow sleepy heads. If you go through life exhausted, there may be an underlying health issue that is begging for attention.

If you find yourself walking through life in a sleepy haze, take a page out of my book and take the sleep test.

Here’s to hoping my test comes up with some energetic solutions.

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