I had to give myself a nice pat on the back yesterday because, for the first time ever, I fixed something on my car and I didn’t ask for help. This might be commonplace for you, but this was monumental for me.

If you plan on replacing your windshield wipers any time soon, keep reading.

My windshield wipers were so bad that there was metal sticking out of them. Truthfully, I didn’t even notice until I tried to use them on a rainy day and was deafened by the sound of metal scraping on my windshield. That morning was a tough ride to work. I picked up my phone and was about to call my dad when I thought to myself, You don’t need your dad, Maddie, let’s figure this out on your own.

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Like I said before, maintaining a vehicle may sound pretty easy to you, but you’re talking to a girl who let her first car die after never giving it an oil change because “I didn’t know I had to.” I’ve come a long way since I was 16.

I’m 27 now, so I felt it was necessary to tackle this next vehicle obstacle on my own and become a little more self-sufficient.

Did you know you needed two different-sized windshield wipers? I sure didn’t. I went to a local auto parts store and I thought the guy was yanking my chain when he said that to me. But it turns out, the driver's side wiper is longer than the passenger side.

"Would you like some help replacing them?" the kind helper asked.

"No thanks, I got this," I said confidently, but inside I was asking myself, Do I got this?

Thanks to YouTube and a quick tutorial, I was able to successfully replace my old wipers with new ones, and while this may sound mundane, I was super proud of myself.

Sorry, Dad, this girl can handle her car maintenance on her own now.

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