The boy band One Direction may not be together anymore but they still release music like they are. Four of the five members have dropped new music over the last month and a half.

Zayn Malik is the only one left and rumors are flying around that he has been working on something.

They all have very different styles of music. Liam seems more on the urban side. Harry has this Beatles sound, and Niall Horan is feeling real funky and rock-leaning.

Meanwhile, Louis Tomlinson has been struggling to find his sound. A few years back it seemed he was going down the EDM road. Then his recent release really throws me back to the band Oasis and their song, "Wonderwall."

Louis recently made an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden and reflected on the great memories of the being in the band and how he recalls being only 14 when the band formed and started out with a different name.

I know you are curious as to what this song sounds like, right? Especially since I think it sounds like an Oasis song. Hopefully, you agree.

Take a listen:

I do love the reminiscent sounds of this song I have to listen to it a few times before I really liked it. It unfortunately that they are all releasing music at the same time. We can't help but compare the guys and their songs.

So now that you've heard it, vote in our poll. Is this new song wicked or whack?

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