Friday night I was in Boston to see a show at the House of Blues. After the show, while walking back to the car, my husband and I passed by a new Wahlburger's restaurant.

I had been meaning to try Wahlburger's, but hadn't made the trip up to Hingham yet and didn't know there was one in Boston. I wasn't even hungry, but decided to give Wahlburger's a try anyway just to try it! I got one of the small 1/3 burgers because I wasn't very hungry. It came with the standard lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions and American cheese. I don't like American cheese, so I asked to switch it to Swiss. The girl at the counter told me that would be an upcharge of a dollar. TO SWITCH MY CHEESE?? I said fine, but how annoying is that? I wasn't adding anything, I was swapping out cheese for other cheese! It's not even the dollar I care about, just the fact that I was charged extra for basically nothing. Plus, the burger didn't come with fries or a drink and it was still almost $9.

We went to pay, and it was just about $20 for two small burgers, no sides, no drinks and the switch-a-roo of cheese. My husband liked his burger, but said he thought 'Five Guys' was better. I gotta say, I'm not much of a meat eater. I typically don't eat red meat, only making exceptions once in a great while, so I'm not the greatest person to ask about an opinion of a burger, but it was pretty good. It wasn't the best burger I'd ever had, but I liked it. I'd like to go back another time when I'm actually hungry though, maybe get the turkey burger next time and pair it up with a spiked shake and a side of tater tots. I'll give Wahlburger's another shot!