Love was in the air Saturday night at Rustico in Mattapoisett as Ricky Sylvia dropped to his knee and Brittney Robinson said "yes."

As the East Freetown couple got ready for a nice night out to dinner at Rustico Pizza and Restaurant, Sylvia had plans of his own:

One month prior to the night that Sylvia got down on one knee, he had already decided he was going to propose to the love of his life.

"Ricky had talked to my sister-in-law to get my ring size and what kind of ring I was interested in," Robinson told Fun 107. "Once he ordered the ring, he had it mailed to my parents' house where he had visited them to ask for their blessings."

Immediately, Robinson's mother started crying tears of joy and although her dad said no at first, he admitted he was just "pulling his leg" and gave Sylvia his blessing.

"He drove around for a week with the ring after it arrived at my parents' house," Robinson said. "We then made reservations for outdoor seating at Rustico, one of our favorite places, and had my mom babysit my son."

Once the couple had sat down at the restaurant, Sylvia began planning their son's upcoming birthday party as a distraction to catch Robinson off-guard.

Kelly Pepin, the manager at Rustico, is good friends with the couple and was not only present for Syliva and Robinson's first date, but also for the proposal. The friends share the same anniversary together: Peppin's wedding and first date anniversary is June 14.

"Kelly came out with dessert where the ring was and that's when the entire restaurant erupted and clapped," Robinson said.

With everything that's happening in the world today, it's comforting to know that love is still as strong, still as powerful, and always seems to bring about smiles and happiness when we need it the most.

Congratulations, Ricky and Brittney, I wish you both nothing but health, wealth and prosperity as you begin your next chapter as an engaged couple with hope and blessings that will help carry your love for the remainder of your lives.

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