Everyone knows about Black Friday deals and shopping. Traditionally, you stuff yourself and carbo load on Thanksgiving to prepare for the Marathon and sprinting on Black Friday.

Since the birth of the Internet, I am happy to see that on-line shopping deals and incentives mirror in-store offers. We now have a day dedicated to e-deals. Welcome the new way to shop for the holidays whilst in you pj's, cyber Monday.

And now, your fave radio station is joining in offering killer deals on- line with our Half Price Hook Up. This Monday, nothing will be 50% off. Deals will be way better, between 60 and 75 percent off.

Check out all of the medi-spa deals for Avalon Medical Spa. I can personally attest to how well the laser hair removal is. When you think of how expensive razors and cartridges are, I am ecstatic to be saving that dough because I had laser hair removal. So treat yourself, or hook up a friend.

Great stocking stuffers will be available too. Grab $50.00 certificates to local restaurants starting as low as $14.00.
Get the deals while they last. It starts at 7am!

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