Heads up! 

Buzzard's Bay Brewing is introducing their new beverage and hosting an ax throwing contest this Saturday and yes... you're invited.

Lizzie's Famous 81 Whacks is a limited time offer at Buzzard's Bay. The beer will be introduced this Saturday, April 7th from 2 to 6 p.m. But that isn't all the excitement happening, Buzzard's Bay is hosting an Ax Throwing contest in honor of the drink!

Mass Axes will be at the brewery, where contestants will attempt to bury hatchets into targets set up on the field. No worries though, “Ax Official” Adam Katz, will be present at the event to assure no accidents will happen.

Contestants must be 21+, and a waiver must be signed in order to participate. Though this event will be fun, anyone who is intoxicated will not be able to throw.

Anyone who gets 2 consecutive bullseyes will win a pair of Buzzard's sunglasses, also a special prize to anyone who can hack 3 in a row into the center.

(Rain Date is April 14th)

Additional Reporting by Darlene Duarte

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