Lobster is a staple seafood in New England and for many that means live lobster boils. I'm sure seafood lovers on the SouthCoast can't imagine being told how they can cook their crustaceans, but one country is trying to give animal rights to sea creatures of all kinds.

There is definitely some debate club worthy content in a new law headed to the House of Lords in the U.K. that wants lobsters, crabs, octopuses and squid to be recognized as "sentient beings" that can feel pain. The law would give these popular seafood creatures essentially the right to a quick death.

Yes, there would be a legal mandate that would ban the boiling of live lobsters and crabs. The knife through the head method would be out as well and cooks and fishmongers alike would be legally required to electrically shock their seafood instead.

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If you're thinking like I'm thinking, you might be wondering electrically shock them with what? Are people actually going to have to taser their lobsters before having a nice meal? Are restaurants going to get tiny electric chairs for the kitchen? Why in the world is this being considered as a law?

Apparently mollusks rights are something the Humane Society of the United States has looked into and the knife through the head and straight into the boiling water methods of killing before cooking can cause the lobsters pain. In an effort not to unnecessarily cause any being pain, mollusk advocates say electrocution is the most humane way to kill a lobster.

Personally, I'm not sure I could electrically shock a lobster. It seems much meaner to me. Yet it could be the law in London sooner rather than later, so how long until the U.S. adds this law to the books as well?

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