Things are weird right now – so weird that even Lindsay Lohan is coming out of the woodwork with new music.

I know she has released some small music projects over the years but Lindsay Lohan has definitely spent most of the last decade under the radar.

Well, it's being "rumored" that Lindsay is set to release an album or EP this year. It will be the first album she has dropped in over a decade.

Now I haven't spent much time with the song; I maybe listened to it a couple of times. It's not bad. I do know the song is all about how Lindsay has been through some dark times and is now back to being herself after all of it.

I guess we owe it to her to give her the chance to come back into our lives and show us she is back and stronger than ever.

First, let's see if we dig her new music. If you missed me playing it on Fun 107 take a listen now:

Lindsay has always given us some really awesome dance tracks, so I can definitely see myself having a little a dance party to this one. It's got a serious message but a fun beat.

What do you think? Are you ready for a Lohan comeback in 2020? I mean, as you can already tell, this year crazier things are happening.

Is Lindsay's new song wicked good, or totally whack?

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