Maddie's fiancé Ross turns 33 years old today, which launched us into an interesting topic this morning. We discussed what age is the most enjoyable.

Maddie said that if she could choose, she'd go back to 18 years old. She said that she missed having low levels of responsibility like having a low-stress job, no mortgage payment, and day after day spent at the beach.

While I understand what she's saying, that would probably be last on my list. I wouldn't want to do the high school thing again, and college was hard. I'm tired just thinking of it.

I think my 20s were cool, but I lived alone (wait a minute, that actually might be OK). I didn't make a lot of money, but I didn't need a lot of money. I didn't like "going out." I kind of lived for my job here at Fun 107, which was fine.

My 30s were an incredible time of my life with the birth of my children, but I couldn't imagine going back to my 30s. The lack of sleep with the babies was real. Sleep deprivation is a rough road and causes grumpiness. I also found myself to be a better big kid dad than a baby dad. I like doing things with my kids, but babies don't do the things I like to do.

My 40s have been my best decade so far. We're more established, we have a little more money to have some more fun, and we're able to do those fun things as a family – at least for the time being. They still like hanging out with us, which we know will be ending soon.

Whatever decade you are living, make it the best of your life!

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