We have to admit, we've seen Marty the Robot at Stop & Shop and we really don't quite get it. He's nice enough, but he seems like a lot. Maybe I'm rushing a little too much at the grocery store, but on more than one occasion I almost took out Marty as I was taking a corner into an aisle.

I mean, the robot creeps around the store looking for spills, then calls a human to help him clean it up. Want to impress us? Have the darn robot clean up his own mess, then you'd be doing something. Instead, it seems like the robot is the boss and the poor Stop & Shop workers have to run around with brooms and dustpans trying to keep the store clean. Just seems a little backward to me, that's all.

Guess we weren't the only ones who thought Marty was a bit much. Lees Market in Westport threw a little bit of shade at Stop & Shop today on their Facebook page, and it had us laughing. The video starts off with a customer noticing that the other grocery stores had a robot, but there didn't seem to be one at the smaller, hometown grocery store.

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