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Stop & Shop Workers to Get Pay Raise During Crisis
Most Americans have always thought of our first responders as being front line people. If you didn't think much about it before September 11th, chances are you certainly did afterward. However, the coronavirus outbreak has pushed one category of workers to the forefront, as Americans try their best at social distancing...
Lost Doll and Child with Autism Reunited
For eight-year-old Amariannah, yesterday was a day just like any other day. She was out grocery shopping with her grandmother, her Sandy doll in tow. Amariannah brings her Sandy doll everywhere she goes. She brings it to school, to the doctor's, out shopping, and she sleeps with the doll every single night. She's spent virtually every waking moment with this doll for the past three years—that is,
Halloween Candy Already?
I snapped this shot at Shaw's in Wareham over the weekend. Call me crazy, but I feel like July (it was July 28 when this picture was taken) is just a LITTLE too early to put out the Halloween candy.

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