When you think of memorable moments from your childhood, what comes to mind?

Is it riding bikes with your friends around the neighborhood on a hot summer day? Taking family trips to the beach, lugging around a 50-pound cooler?

For some, it was carefree days and fun-filled nights spent at Lazer Gate in Fall River. If that’s you, you’re going to love this nostalgic look back at the last day of its existence before it closed its doors in 2022.

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Kevin O’Hara, the owner of Lazer Gate, was forced to pack up shop and look for a new location after the building it operated in was sold. When O’Hare last spoke with Fun 107, he was positive about the future of Lazer Gate and was leaning toward a space in Fairhaven for the new location.

According to his Facebook page, the hunt continues for a new space.

That’s why I appreciate this little throwback I stumbled upon on TikTok from a page called fallrivermass. The page is home to nostalgic videos of what it was like to grow up in Fall River and beloved businesses that are gone but not forgotten. When I came across a video that seemingly tapes the final day of Lazer Gate, it gave me all the feels. It brought me back to what it was like as a kid and seeing the rows of arcade games and the limitless possibilities of fun.

“I went there once for a birthday party and it remains a core memory,” said one online user.

“Man, that super sketchy elevator brings back memories,” joked another.

If you grew up on the SouthCoast, chances are you went to Lazer Gate and suited up for an all-out war with friends. It’s where childhood memories were made. It’s where carefree moments lived, and if you are a sucker for nostalgia like I am, I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.

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