Have you noticed that it's been a little more crazy out there this holiday shopping season?  From what I've experienced, it doesn't seem like more people are shopping online.  The stores I've visited so far seem a little more crowded and the shoppers seem more frantic than I've seen before.

With one more weekend of shopping between now and Christmas Day, here are some common sense "rules" to keep in mind while shopping.  These come from elaine.swann.com.

-Be Courteous to other drivers in the parking lots.  Take the first available spot you see and avoid cruising the lot looking for the perfect space.  You probably won't find it.

-Tell your kids how you expect them to behave shen they are in the store.  There are too many other shoppers to have htem running up and down the isles.

-Try not to block the isles with strollers or shopping carts.  You're only showing down other shoppers who are as anxious as you to get out of the store.

-Please don't grab items while other shoppers are looking at them.  That's rude.

-Be kind and courteous to the clerks and other store employees.  They have a difficult job as it is and it's even more stressful at this time of year.

-Stay off the phone while at the checkout.  It shows everyone down.  Tell your caller that you'll get back to them shortly.

Just a few things to keep in mind over the next few days.  Hopefully you'll find some enjoyment in your last minute shopping experience.

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