A Facebook friend of mine who also grew up in the same small New York State town as I posted some very good old ideas that many of us seem to have forgotten.  These don't involve spending much money, and they actually may make the holiday season here on the Southcoast a little more interesting for the family.

Here are some of the traditional holiday season things to think about bringing back this year:

-Send snail mail Christmas cards.  Some people still do this each year, but many of us have really cut back on doing this.

-Go caroling.  We did it while in high school and it was not only a lot of fun, but people in the town loved it.  Maybe your family friends or co-workers or members of your church would consider Christmas caroling in your neighborhood this year.

-Do Secret Santa's.  Whether with family or at the workplace keep the price limit at $10 or less.

-Bake Christmas Cookies.  They are fun and also make gifts people love.

-Check out Christmas Lights.  Some area parks and many private homes have great Christmas light displays.  Worth driving around to find them.

-Try a fruitcake.  Maybe they are not as bad as we have heard.

-Have hot cocoa with marshmellows every night.   This will make it feel like the holiday season at your house.

-Go to church on Christmas Eve.  Nothing wrong with being reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

There are probably other great traditions your family had that would be fun to bring back this year as well.

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