Yesterday Nabisco dropped off their Limited Edition Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy Oreos for us to try. I love Oreos and was so excited to try them. The Marshmallow Crispy ended up being my favorite, sorry Cookie Dough you just didn't do it for me. Check out the video from yesterday.

When I came in this morning I noticed there were still some Oreos left in the studio. Before I helped myself I offered to share them with everyone but no one took me up on the offer. Yes! Now I get to eat all of them myself (or so I thought)...and then Larry pulled a fast one on me and beat me to it.

I finally got a free moment to enjoy the cookies but when I went to grab one they were all gone. Ummmmm Larry, didn't I offer to share and you said NO? I was extremely annoyed because I had been looking forward to those cookies all morning.

I feel like this kind of stuff is always happening to me. I put food aside and when I go to eat it someone takes's inevitable. My husband is the worst offender. Even if I label the food he will consume it before I get a chance to.

Do you ever have something like this happen to you? Does someone go ahead and help themselves to food you had been looking forward to eating all day? Take my poll below: