I spend a lot of time perusing our Facebook comments and messages. And I noticed a VERY common theme...Ladies are OBSESSED with Gazelle and B-Mo. 

K. Garcia Productions / Monster Mash 2017

I am pretty confident that the male DJ's in the building get a lot more attention from admirers than any of the females that have ever worked here, ever, combined. I mean...Some girl from Monster Mash was holding part of B-Mo's costume in hopes of exchanging it for a date. EVEN THOUGH B-MO'S FIANCEE WAS AT MONSTER MASH WITH HIM. That's an aggressive move.

Then, B-Mo got a marriage proposal a few days later:

I spend quite a bit of time with Gazelle on a daily basis. A lot of that time is spent watching him sift through the dozens of friend requests, Snaps, and messages from lady listeners who tell him how handsome he is and shamelessly flirt with him. Let us not forget the time he had his pants ripped off of his body while making an appearance at an event...

The ladies (and sometimes men!) of the Southcoast have spoken - Gazelle and B-Mo are the hot commodities at the station.

Side note: Please know that any time you send either of them a scandalous message, there's a solid chance I'll see it. Keep it classy!