Daily Mail reported on the '#kyliejennerchallenge' that is taking over social media, as young girls go to drastic proportions in order to mimic the reality TV star and model. Teenage girls are sucking on shot glasses and bottles to engorge their lips. The price to pay for a fuller pout...broken blood vessels.

The air vacuum causes their lips to swell up from a rush of blood flow. This also causes some serious bruising around the area covered by the lid. 'Made my chin look like a hickey a week ago and I'll say I've never felt so dumb,' one disgruntled teen admitted.

These results don't fade after a few hours, either. They are said to last days on end, and the pain and discomfort is immeasurable. Jenner tweeted her thoughts on the challenge Tuesday afternoon. Her message: "Be yourself!"

Let's all take a minute to realize what we're doing to ourselves for the sake of looking like we were just attacked by a killer bee. You're risking the health of your blood vessels for a better duck face. Come on now. Personally, this is what I think of this challenge: