Kingston Collection is about to be overtaken by the aroma of clean-burning candles, thanks to a brand-new business setting up shop in one of the mall’s vacant storefronts.

New Bedford native and Wareham resident Christina Tomkiewicz is ready to take her small business, Cloverdilly Candle Company, to new heights.

Tomkiewicz started dabbling with arts and crafts for fun back in 2018, and one day, she looked over at her store-bought candle.

“It had soot on it with a black rim, so I looked up the process of candle-making and saw all the chemicals that are put into them,” she said. “I wanted to try to make something healthier to breathe and enjoy.”

In 2019, she opened Plumberry Lane in Kilburn Mill to sell her creations. She offered her space to other brands, as well, to make it a place for local artisans to display their work. It became a communal storefront for creative pieces.

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The business model was a perfect way for small business owners to sell their products without the financial constraints of owning a storefront.

“A lot of artisans that are (at Kilburn Mill) prefer to do craft fairs, sell on Etsy ... so they don’t have to be tied down to a storefront. This created a nice relationship and community atmosphere for the artist,” said Tomkiewicz.

Tomkiewicz will continue to operate Plumberry Lane, but her new place coming to Kingston Collection will focus more on her personal vision, while still staying true to the idea of communal efforts.

Think of it as Bath and Body Works, localized.

“I want it to have a bath and body feel,” she said. “I will be bringing in Miss Lavendar soap company, and eventually, will sell other products in the realm of bath and body.”

Cloverdilly Candle Company will open June 1. Get your spa day shopping list ready.

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