Colonel Sanders will be making a return to television!

On Tuesday, Kentucky Fried Chicken announced that their mascot, Colonel Sanders, will be making a comeback to television. This follows news earlier this month when McDonald’s announced that the Hamburglar will return to TV.

According to, commercials will start airing on May 25, and will feature the actor, comedian, and Saturday Night Live alum, Darrell Hammond. The mascot, which is based on the real founder of KFC, is making a return to television as part of the brand’s 75th anniversary. It is the first time in decades that Colonel Sanders will be played by an actual actor.

The move to air the commercials comes after years of struggles for KFC in the United States. Last year, Chick-Fil-A passed KFC in sales. KFC is owned and operated by Yum! Brands, Inc. out of Louisville, Kentucky.

However, bringing the Colonel back to television is not the only change that KFC is making. The fast food restaurant chain is also changing the look of its restaurants and introducing new items on the menu, such as lemonade and baked beans.

Watch the entire video below of Colonel Sanders.

Contributions By: Sal Lopez

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