Kesha is pop music's resident bad girl, a party animal who brushes her teeth with Jack, if you believe her lyrics! She doesn't usually strike us as the regimented type or a health nut.

Nevertheless, she covers the July issue of Self and looks gorgeous as she jumps for joy in black shorts, platform sneakers, a bright, lime hoodie, and a near makeup-less look.

In the feature, Kesha addressed the perception that she parties 24/7, saying, "People think I sit around and drink whiskey all day, but I couldn't keep up on a three-month tour if I were getting hammered every night."

See! Despite her image, work comes first for Kesha.

She continued, "My show is very energetic — I dance and sing at the same time and run around. Training for a tour is like training for a marathon. When I'm eating healthy and working out, it helps me stay sane and exude confidence."

While she tries to stay healthy, she considers sleep a luxury, one she idulges in from 3 to 9AM.

When insomnia hits, she gets creative. "When I can't sleep, I bedazzle my clothes and watch The Golden Girls. I have a bit of Blanche in me," the 'Crazy Kids' singer said.

And those are two more reasons we love Kesha!

Kesha also revealed that haters don't knock her off her game, since haters gonna hate and there's nothing she can do about it. So she adopts a sense of humor. The singer said, "The most important thing I've done is learn to laugh at myself, and I try to do that with any negativity coming at me, too. It's hilarious how mean some people get about my silly pop songs."

As for those Kesha-branded condoms with her face on 'em, which she tosses out at concerts? She admited that she's not the sexpot you might assume she is! "People think because I hand out condoms, I must be some sort of ho," the starlet said. "That's not the case. I'm a little bit of a kissing slut, but usually I just make out and then run away."

Kesha doesn't need sex for a workout. She swims, does yogas, bikes, climbs rocks and meditates. She runs after her show, when adrenaline is peeking. "On tour, I usually get offstage around 11PM with the most intense adrenaline rush, so I put my hood on — nobody ever recognizes me — hit the streets and run until I get exhausted. It's nice to get to actually experience the world and exercise at the same time," she revealed.

With that type of workout routine, it's okay for her to eat whatever she wishes 20 percent of the time, which includes a feast on chocolate every once in a while. Other than that, she sticks to veggies and lean proteins, which she admitted are boring.

The Kesha-covered issue of Self lands on stands on June 25.

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