American Idol Bound – Fun 107’s Own DJK
Boston, MA This Friday I'll be joining thousands of people in hopes of starting the process to become the next American Idol. A little background on me, I previously went out for America's Got Talent and got a front of the line audition pass but didn't move on after that round, I've been posting stuff on social media and have around 6,000 followers (@TommyKimballOfficial): https://www...
Gronk On Cover
New England Patriots superstar tight end Rob Gronkowski was named the cover athlete for EA Sports' popular football video game Madden NFL 17.
Uptown Funk Gets OldTown Makeover [VIDEO]
Uptown Funk has been recreated in many forms, but none as "oldschool" as this. Senior citizens dress to the nines for this cover of Mark Ronson's song featuring Bruno Mars. And the ladies can't resist the style of these groovy gentlemen...

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