Keith Walker dropped "Miles From You" in late 2013. I was a college senior at the time and working at my school radio station in Bridgewater. As the Country Music Director, it was my job to rate new country artists when they sent us our CDs to play on our shows. Keith Walker was one of the first artists I listened to, and he set the bar HIGH.

"Firewater" was the first tune I played on air. It was smooth and had some heat to it, not by accident, I'm sure. It was an instant hit in my book.

Fast forward to February of 2015, and I'm still a huge fan. I found Keith's Twitter page and messaged him to ask if he'd be interested in an interview. Keith was unbelievably humble and such a genuine nice guy. His talent is amazing, and I learned so much about him after only 10 minutes with him.

His latest single, "The Chase," was released last week, and we played some of it on air. Check out the video below!

Keith has a new album in the works, and he's hoping to get fans involved with the process. His Kickstarter campaign ends on Easter. You can back his CD and have a chance to win some pretty cool prizes.

Thank you again, Keith! Best of luck!