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Keith Walker is Hotter Than Firewater
Keith Walker dropped "Miles From You" in late 2013. I was a college senior at the time and working at my school radio station in Bridgewater. As the Country Music Director, it was my job to rate new country artists when they sent us our CDs to play on our shows...
8 New MJ Songs
Good news for Michael Jackson fans!  According to ABC News, 8 never before heard songs from the King of Pop will be released on Xscape.  Release date is set for May 13th...preorders begin tomorrow (April 1st). Epic Records CEO, LA Reid says Xscape uses audio archives from Michael Jackson that he had voiced, but had never been fully produced or put to music...
10 Reasons To Be Excited For The New Backstreet Boys Album
This week BSB fans all over the world got excited when their new album 'In A World Like This' dropped. Not the teenage heart throbes they once were, they have transformed into men, with a more mature sound. So why should you be excited for this new album? We have 10 reasons for that.

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