We've all been there. We stop at the grocery to pick up a couple of things, we open the back door to put them into the backseat, and we already know what is about to happen. Chances are, you'll get 200 yards up the street before you hear the apples rolling around on the floor behind you.

Before you know it, you have your two or three bags of groceries all over the back of your car. It's so annoying when you're trying to drive, and even more annoying when you have to corral them all up when you get home.

I accidentally stumbled upon a life hack this afternoon that I wanted to share with you. It won't work with many cars out there, but will probably work with most SUVs. Take a look at this video I shot after picking up a couple of bags at my local fruit stand.

I was like, WAT?


What a simple life hack, right?

If you've got captain's chairs in the backseat, they most likely come with adjustable armrests. Simply put the armrest upright, then hook the grocery bags onto the armrest.

The video doesn't show it well, but why not use the other seat's armrest, too? Between the two armrests, you'll be able to easily fit six or more bags. They will be secure, and the contents of the bags will not be rolling around in your back seat during your ride home.

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This reminds me a whole lot of the grocery cart life hack that I shared with everyone last summer about grocery store carts.

And then, there was this other car life hack that I shared with you two years ago.

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