Katy Perry recently found out the hard way that rapper Chief Keef is not one to be messed with. Their beef started when Katy Perry heard the rapper's track 'Hate Bein' Sober' on the radio and tweeted:

The 17-year-old rapper, responded in true teenager form with, "Dat b---h Katy Perry Can Suck Skin Off Of my D--k." He added, "Ill Smack The S--t out her." Chief Keef is a true wordsmith if you ask us... *eye roll* The Chicago native then posted that a diss track of the pop songstress was in the works saying, "New Song Katy Perry Coming Soon."

When Perry got wind of the rapper's less-than-gentlemanly words, she tweeted:

Perry's last tweets possibly squashed any sort of bad feelings Chief Keef was harboring, because he retweeted Katy's apologies. Thus ends the lamest beef in music history...

Will the general public ever hear Chief Keef's Katy Perry song? What could he even say? "Baby, you're a firework....SIKE!" We love Katy, but we have to admit she's a pretty lame subject of diss track being a rather uncontroversial person.

Chief Keef has recently been in the news for his struggles with the law. Not only is he being sued for child support, but he was also arrested on Monday (May 20) in Atlanta for smoking weed in a hotel. A beef with Katy Perry is surely the least of his problems!