The answer might strangely be yes. So why exactly might H.O.V.E. be throwing shade the way of the famous Hollywood actor?

In a recent interview, Jay Z was asked a question about returning the phone calls of De Niro, which he replied 'No I Haven't'. After that question, things got a little bit awkward. Apparently Jay Z didn't take kindly to something that De Niro had done to him. So what was it?

According to Yahoo, Robert De Niro tried to reach out to Jay Z in November 2012. After six attempts to make contact, De Niro called out Jay Z publicly for not calling him back. So what were the phone calls about in the first place? Jay had agreed to do a song for the Tribeca Film Festival, and De Niro was trying to touch base with him on it.

When asked why he didn't call him back, Jay said:

I treat people based on who they are, who they really are, like not the name, not Robert De Niro. Who you are as a person.

It would appear that unbeknownst to Mr. De Niro, he did not show Jay Z the proper amount of respect. So yes, there is beef. No telling when it will resolve itself, or if these two might do an '8 Mile' style rap battle to settle the score.