Last year, the song "Old Town Road" from Lil Nas X broke music barriers by combining country with hip hop. Will this song do the same in 2020?

It broke a bunch of records and won a bunch of awards. "Old Town Road" was a song that crossed genres from a country song to a pop song. Atlanta-based artist Breland is showing us that history does repeat itself.

Breland's song went viral on TikTok months ago and he just recently dropped a video for the song that has everyone talking.

This song has a bit more of a country twang in it than "Old Town Road" and doesn't feature Billy Ray Cyrus.

Still, the song is pretty relatable to anyone who may own a truck and is proud of it.

Regardless of whether this is a country song or not, I can't help but think about summer grilling and want to turn this song up. Take a listen if you missed it on the radio this afternoon:

It definitely got stuck in my head for an entire weekend after I heard it for the first time and couldn't help but want to play it for my uncle, who is a proud truck owner. Now let's go tailgating!

Ok, so you know I am a fan of the song, but what I think doesn't matter. What do you think? Is this song wicked good or totally whack?

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