If there's one thing you shouldn't forget to bring to the Brazilian Grill, it's your appetite.

Truth be told, there are still some of you out there reading this who have yet to step foot inside of the Brazilian Grill in Dartmouth. We're not here to judge those who haven't; in fact, we're here to encourage. This restaurant is most certainly one-of-a-kind here on the SouthCoast and incomparable to any other restaurant.

Michael Rock and I stopped by on Tuesday night to feast on some delicious Brazilian delicacies and boy, did we feast like kings.

So what separates this restaurant from any other? How about the fact that you're not married to one piece of meat. Yeah, you can go out and order a 6 or 12 ounce piece of steak, but you're only getting a chunk of beef. Here at the Brazilian Grill, they offer up lamb and chicken and beef and grilled pineapple and cheese-stuffed raviolis. Don't even get me started on the soups and cheese and breads and roasted vegetables and fish.

The best part about all these selections? You can eat as little or much as you desire. The fact that you can enjoy a small piece of meat from the large selection (over 18 meats), that's what separates Brazilian Grill from all others.

There's no need to have an excuse to go to Brazilian Grill; it's quite normal to visit for any occasion, even if it's just because you're hungry. It's Brazilian tradition to eat like this on a daily basis, not just because someone's getting married or that it's someone's birthday.

However, if you did, in fact, have a large party for a wedding or a family reunion, the restaurant has special dining areas for large crowds, or you could simply rent out the entire place that holds up to 300 people total (not recommended on Saturdays, for it's their busiest day in house).

Lastly, if you plan on going, and want to relax and enjoy the night without overdoing it and stuffing yourself full of amazing Brazilian cuisine, then take a seat at their cozy bar and order one of their famous caipirinhas. May I suggest the pineapple one? It uses real chunks from the cinnamon-sugar glazed grilled pineapple and it's to die for. So sit back, sip, take a load off and simply enjoy your stay.

Bonus, if you're planning a party or just want loads of great food, Brazilian Grill also caters.

Credit to Brazilian Grill - Dartmouth Facebook

One other goal is to always try to taste something new each time you go to Brazilian Grill. Go ahead, give the lamb a try! Why not? Even if you hate it, it's not like you're wasting an entire meal. It's just a piece. The waiters take great pride in cutting you slices of delicious meat. They want you to try it, and they are not offended if you don't love every single piece.

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