Could you sit in a parked car in this sweltering summer?

Kars4Kids' hosted the Hot Car Challenge, where six adults were asked to sit in a car for just ten minutes to raise awareness of the ongoing problem of hot-car deaths and in return, earn $100. Not one of the six adults made it through the ten minutes and hit the red button to leave the car for a glass of water.  One of the six participants said, "I can only imagine how a child or baby would feel in there, just waiting for someone.

An average of 38 children a year, die from heat stroke after being left in the backseat of a car or climbing into an unlocked, unattended vehicle and becoming trapped on a warm day.  Just this year, 10 children have died from these accidents including one in Texas this past Friday. The video filmed in New Jersey is a great reminder of what it feels like for children and pets to be left in hot cars.

Kars4Kids’ has now developed an app to help remind parents that their child is in the car. The “KArs4Kids Safety” app is available for free on Google Play.