The Remdawg will return. Jerry Remy has announced that he will be back in the Red Sox broadcast booth for the 2014 season. The Somerset native hasn't provided color commentary for a Red Sox game since last August, when his son, Jared, was accused of killing his girlfriend in her Waltham apartment.

I asked this question on last summer, and the question remains. Should he come back?

The question of whether or not Remy should return to the Red Sox booth is a tricky one. From a practical standpoint, he’s done nothing wrong. The fact that his son is accused of a brutal murder does not and should not have an effect on his employment status. However, when you factor in emotions, it becomes a hairy situation for both Remy and the Red Sox. Remy’s broadcast partner, Don Orsillo, and the Rem Dawg have a unique chemistry. The two have the ability to maintain viewers’ interest even during blowout games by simply having stupid fun. Remy is famous for leaving Orsillo breathless with his jokes and sarcastic remarks. The question is: how will the public react to seeing Remy yuck it up in the broadcast booth after a young woman was murdered by his son? It is a complex problem.

When asked about whether or not Remy would crack his trademark jokes during the games...Remy told the press that he would not return to the broadcast unless he was going to be able to be himself. Remy said that he needed to return to the job he's held for the past 27 years because that's where he feels most at home. He's been around Major League Baseball for 40 years...and he needs it to feel complete in his life.

Throughout yesterday's press conference, Remy repeatedly expressed his condolences, to the family of murder victim, Jennifer Martel.

How will Red Sox fans react? There's no way to tell. But, if I know New England, if I know Red Sox fans, they will embrace this man with open arms. While Jared Remy may be a monster, Jerry Remy has done nothing wrong. No one can control the mistakes and actions of their adult children. Remy should be given a chance to comeback to baseball.