It comes as no surprise that Jerry Remy has not returned to the Red Sox broadcast booth since his son was accused of murdering his girlfriend last week in Waltham. It's a real possibility that Remy will likely sit out the rest of this season...and some think there's a possibility that Remy may never again put his headphones back on. Jerry Remy has been forthright with his fans, telling us about his struggles with health issues over the past several years, accompanied by some bouts of depression. You have to think that this latest chapter isn't easing his stresses.

The question of whether or not Remy should return to the Red Sox booth is a tricky one. From a practical standpoint, he's done nothing wrong. The fact that his son is accused of a brutal murder does not and should not have an effect on his employment status. However, when you factor in emotions, it becomes a hairy situation for both Remy and the Red Sox. Remy's broadcast partner, Don Orsillo, and the Rem Dawg have a unique chemistry. The two have the ability to maintain viewers' interest even during blowout games by simply having stupid fun (evidence by the picture above). Remy is famous for leaving Orsillo breathless with his jokes and sarcastic remarks. The question is: how will the public react to seeing Remy yuck it up in the broadcast booth after a young woman was murdered by his son? It is a complex problem.

I think it would be a shame to see Jerry Remy leave the Red Sox because of the alleged actions of his roid raged son. When it comes to color men across Major League Baseball...Jerry Remy is one of the best and most beloved. Red Sox fans are spoiled with the level of talent he brings to games. Granted, there may be some uncomfortable moments at first, but I think Red Sox fans would welcome him back. We share Jerry Remy's sentiment in the statement he tweeted below.

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