It's been a while since I've been in the area, so getting in some local eats and drinks have been on the agenda for sure.

When I was told I'd be taking my show to dNB Burgers, I was stoked because I heard they have lots of local beers on tap and most of their food menu is made from local ingredients.

I'm a big IPA kind of guy, so they knew to load me up with those, but then there were some they insisted I taste and I was totally fine with all of that.

Ok, so I ended up liking all of it, really. I'm all about the ginger goodies, though. A ginger libation served up with some candied ginger? Yes, please!

I tried the Mac Attack burger, and it was so yummy and legit perfectly cooked.

You know you can sometimes taste how fresh something is? Not only did the beer taste that way, but I could taste that in all the ingredients on the burger as well.

The cocktail really was called Testing You Manhood and it had a bit of a kick but I'd sip on that any day.

If you are like me and just sometimes have a craving for a burger, you have to hit up this spot.  I wanted to order like five more burgers because they were so good.

I feel like this place could become the local Cheers spot. Definitely do a beer flight here, and just a suggestion, but get the Demigod burger. So YUM!


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