We all remember our parents telling us to eat our greens and to stop playing with our food. As we as a human race get smarter, we are learning more about the foods we eat and how they affect us.

You may have seen recently an artist sharing with us a story about a teenager that was extremely picky about what he ate. His diet consisted of white bread, Pringles, French fries, and processed ham. He went to the doctors and it was determined he was healthy with only a few vitamin deficiencies, which they addressed. Fast forward, he is now blind and scientists are claiming it's due to his diet.

Now, I can't tell you the exact amount of chicken nuggets I ate as a young Jackson; however, I can tell you I was the pickiest eater ever. If it didn't have sweet and sour sauce on it, I wasn't eating it. I would sit and play with my food for hours. It was mostly texture that bothered me. Oh, and don't even think about mixing foods together on my plate. Foods were not allowed to touch or I wouldn't eat them. Now, I have since grown up and love to mix things and eat just about everything.

So this brings me to my point, though. I have no existing health conditions. As a matter of fact, I have better than 20/20 vision (thanks to Lasik). My annual physical usually on tells me I need to work out more and eat less cheese. I personally have no experience the "you are what you eat." If so, I'd be a chicken nugget with pizza on the side and sometimes a hot dog with ketchup.

So was this teenager just a pile of coincidences? Personally, I think genetics played a big role. Eating healthy is important, however, I think many factors come into play and we can't blame the innocent chicken nuggets and fries.


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