I've been thinking a lot lately about changing my hair...

It's kind of pathetic, but I've had the same hair style since about 7th grade, like oh, ya know, for 20 years!!  Oh man...it's time for a change.

Long, straight, blonde, with no bangs.  It's SO boring!!  I've been thinking for a while, I would like to cut it a little, but still keep it long and straight...but I'd really like to add bangs.  So far, my Mom, Michael and Larry, all think bangs are a bad idea.  My husband is indifferent.

So to give everyone an idea, this is me to the left (obviously lol) and this is the hairstyle I've had almost all of my life.

To the right, is Reese Witherspoon, who I love, and I would like a hairstyle like hers in this photo above.  I think the length is good and the bangs are cute!

What do you think?  Bangs?  No bangs?  Could I pull it off?  Take my poll please!  Thank you!



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