Yep, it's coming to be that time of year again. Break out the shovels and the gloves...the first potential day of snow has been announced!

National Centers for Environmental Information
National Centers for Environmental Information
loading... has released the approximate snowfall's first date across the country, and of course, Massachusetts is one of the first states to get it!

Now, it isn't necessarily the exact or average date of the first snowfall, but rather an estimate as to when there will be a 50% chance of at least 0.1" of snow on the ground. Basically, there's probably going to be snow coming in the very near future.

The map predicts that Massachusetts will have its first glimpse at snow between November 1-15...which, if I may remind you, begins Sunday. SUNDAY.

Based off of each state's snowfall patterns from 1981-2010, these findings were put together at the National Centers for Environmental Information.

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