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The fall season is a beautiful time of year on the SouthCoast, but we all know by now how short-lived it is. Before we know it, the trees will be bare, we’ll be taking out the shovels from the shed and getting the salt ready for the driveway. My back hurts just thinking about it.

If you are like me, you don’t mind the snowfall. It’s prime condition for skiing, it’s beautiful to look at, and nothing beats a white Christmas. But there are plenty of people in my life that could do without the high heating bills, shoveling, and frostbite.

We were blessed last winter with almost no snowfall on the SouthCoast, but after checking out the Farmer’s Almanac it sounds like this winter has other plans.

So when can we expect Jack Frost to arrive? Here is when the first measurable snowfall has happened in our area over the past five years, according to

12/01/19: 0.1 inches

11/15/18: 0.1 inches

12/09/17: 0.1 inches

12/15/16: 0.01 inches

12/29/15: 0.01 inches

There doesn’t seem to be any true pattern to the start of the winter season except to look out for the start of December. We have had some record warm winters in the past few years; however, the Farmer’s Almanac is calling for a cold winter in 2020, calling for the “possibility of a blizzard” bringing one to two feet of snow in some areas of Massachusetts for February.

The almanac goes on to stay that this winter will look much different than 2019, so I would stock up on canned goods, salt, and shovels before it’s too late.

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