November is bringing a major change in weather already. And snow is coming sooner than you may think.

Looks like our first snowfall is already in the forecast.

ABC6's chief meteorologist Jeff Desnoyers tells us that yes, right now it appears that snow is coming Thursday night into Friday morning.

And though accumulation won't be much (if any on the SouthCoast), the timing is going to be rough on commuters.

Right now it does look like the coastal area is going to be mainly rain, though probably more of a sleety rain that could make roadways slick.

Further North and West are likely to see actual accumulation, but not likely anything to break the snowblower out for.


The trouble right now according to Desnoyers is going to be in the timing.

With the rain/snow/sleet mix falling into the Friday morning commute hours, things could be slow going on your way to work at the end of the week.

And with it being the first snowfall of the season, people are probably going to be driving terribly. Some just drive like the snow is nothing and make folks like me nervous. While others totally panic at the first sign of the fluffy white stuff.

Either way, the commute could be tricky, so you may want to try and plan an early morning on Friday if you can.

Desnoyers does remind us all that Friday is still a few days away and the storm predictions can change.

So don't freak out yet, but make a plan to be prepared.

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