A photograph is worth a thousand words. It gives a glimpse into a moment that was worth capturing, and it takes you right back to a time that provided joy. They aren’t always clear, but they always provide a memorable moment.

I miss the days of having to develop pictures after clicking over the last shot on a Polaroid. The anticipation of how the pictures came out was satisfying in itself, but to thumb through the pictures that you deemed important after they were developed was rewarding and exciting. I have a connection with printed pictures, but there is something to say about having a camera at our fingertips, thanks to our smartphones.

On National Photography Day, I decided to scroll through my camera roll and pick out some of my favorite photos that have been taken over the years. If my phone were to be discovered long after I’m gone, they would be able to see the story of my life as told by my pictures.

They would see my first kickboxing match, family get-togethers, nights out with my friends, sporting events, concerts, weddings, and everything in between. They would see the story of who I am and the moments that mean the most to me.

I’ve lost many photos over the years due to my lack of expertise with using iCloud, but I certainly do not have a shortage of snapshots. Over the past three years, I’ve accumulated 6,366 photos and 1,402 videos, but there are some prominent stand-outs that deserve recognition.

Maddie's Favorite Photos in Her Camera Roll

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