This did not begin recently, but it continues. I know I hear it often, and the most recent was while shopping over the weekend.  It was a woman who used this particular phrase when her child asked her about a display of Christmas lights.  The woman's reply was "That's so gay".  What does that even mean?  And what does the child take away from that?  Does it mean "gay" is bad?   I don't get it.

I am a huge fan of Ellen DeGeneres, and she is gay.  She freely and openly acknowledges the fact.  So if I were to say "Ellen is gay", would that mean I don't like her?   Judging by the way people use the word, it just might.  Yet it is far from the truth.

I think is is time to stop using the word "gay" as a negative adjective. There are certainly enough other words that are real adjectives if we want to express an opinion.  Don't you agree?