Once this coronavirus pandemic is behind us and restaurants begin to open up again, we’ll be able to look forward to all the new springtime menus that will be put into effect across the region.

And perhaps the most SouthCoast sandwich of all time will soon be making its return as well.

When Jackson and Kristen discussed how SouthCoast restaurants need to step it up in a recent edition of the She Shed, it brought to light that there are still some unique menu items at various local eateries.

And Elisabeth’s in Fairhaven is one local restaurant that has defined the concept of unique menu items for years – especially with their take on the traditional New England lobster roll.

You know how it goes, right? Fresh lobster meat mixed with either butter or mayonnaise, spread out over usually a grilled hot dog roll or maybe a small sub roll.

But Elisabeth's makes it much more SouthCoast than that.

Their sandwich features lobster meat lightly tossed with housemade lemon aioli and served on a grilled roll made of locally-baked Portuguese sweet bread.

“We thought (the sweet bread roll) paired well with the sweetness of the lobster, and spoke to the Portuguese influence in the area,” said Theresa Fletcher, server and manager at Elisabeth’s. “It’s been on the menu for about 10 years, and is very popular.”

Elisabeth’s usually starts serving its lobster roll at the end of spring, right through the summer. It is offered at a set price of $14.95, which is on par with most of the traditional lobster rolls in the area.

It's an incredibly simple idea, yet so amazingly unique – and completely SouthCoast.

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