This week we touch on a topic that will suddenly have you paying closer attention to what's on the menu at SouthCoast restaurants.

Now I have lived in a few different cities. Even our neighboring big cities, Boston and Providence, may have a similar issue.

It almost seems like many of the menus have lost some of the creative juice to stand out. Lots of the menus appear to have many of the similar basic foods that we come to expect at the chain spots.

In this week's She Shed, we poke around as to why these restaurants insist on having a lot of the same types of items on the menu. Think about it, how often do you go out to a locally-owned restaurant and see some of the same items you would if you went to one of the chain spots?

I also talked about cocktails. Many spots around the SouthCoast have some great creative cocktails but how does one know if they will want to drink an entire glass of it if they don't taste it first?

I really want to see if we can get a bartender to make us a "flight" of their creative cocktails so we can taste instead of ordering a whole one and wasting it or forcing it.

Take a listen to this week's She Shed. We come up with some creative ideas and what we think are some easy fixes. Are we wrong here?

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