I recently read that Arby's Restaurants will be serving a venison sandwich this coming weekend arbys.com.  It's not a food I plan on tasting, but I did look up Arby's locations here on the Southcoast.  There are none.  Really?

According to their website, there are only 2 Arby's in the entire state of Massachusetts.  How can that be?  That same site says there are over 3300 Arby's locations.  They've been around for over 60 years.  Just wondering why they wouldn't have a single location in the New Bedford, Fall River, Taunton region.

Not only that, according to the Arby's website, they have no locations in the state of Rhode Island.  Maybe it's an error, but there are non listed.

If you would like to try their venison (deer meat) sandwich this Saturday, you can find an Arby's in either Auburn or Marlborough.

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