Sometimes, we start to think about all the restaurants that have closed their doors that we really, really miss. We get equal parts sad and hungry. 


  • Abby Renoir
    Abby Renoir

    Shawmut Diner

    When the former owner of Shawmut Diner works in the building, you have to pay homage to everything that was wonderful about Shawmut Diner. After opening in 1953, the Paleologos family bought and updated it in 1983.

    Since closing a few years back, the space is now home to Cumberland Farms and the diner itself was donated to a local prison.

  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

    Davy's Locker

    I think I can name about 10 people off the top of my head who have worked at Davy's Locker, and about five times as many who still rave about their seafood.

    The old Davy's building is now home to The Edge.

  • TK O'Malley's Scituate | Facebook
    TK O'Malley's Scituate | Facebook

    TK O'Malleys

    While I think most can agree that we love Buster's in Dartmouth, there are SO MANY folks who fondly remember when TK O'Malleys was the hot sports bar in town.

  • Facebook

    Dairy Chief

    Even as a non-Dartmouth resident, I used to love going to Dairy Chief with my Dartmouth friends. For people who grew up in the area, Dairy Chief was super convenient for after-school trips.

    It is now Baldie's which DOES have pizza and ice cream but we still think fondly of the OG Dairy Chief.

  • TSM/Gazelle

    Ma's Donuts

    I don't think there was anything more heartbreaking than when we heard Ma's Donuts in New Bedford was closing as we were fairly sure we'd never have another donut like a Ma's donut again. We miss you!

  • Facebook

    York's Steakhouse

    I have a feeling this was before my time when York Steakhouse had a location in N. Dartmouth, but boy. Did a lot of folks say they were still thinking about a York Steakhouse sirloin.

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